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Lloyd’s Register - RELEASE July 29, 2021

by Abdelrahman El-Temtamy 11 Jan 2021



RELEASE July 29, 2021


BestLine international Research Inc. can now announce that they are in discussions with Lloyd’s Register to formulate the protocols for testing their engine and fuel treatments, specifically for use in large marine vessels, as well as a corrosion and anti-galvanic undercoating for ocean going vessels, superstructures for off-shore platforms, wind farms or any metal structures, vulnerable to harsh marine or abrasive environments.

“Working with the Lloyd’s people has thus far been a great experience. They are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and clear in their direction” say Dean McKenzie, President of BestLine International Research Inc. “Our challenge has been to find an available vessel where we can install the appropriate monitoring equipment to measure the effectiveness of our products”. Any ship we would like to use for this testing is, by nature, out on the water working and it’s been difficult finding one available”.

However, they’re not deterred by this delay. “We expect to demonstrate a significant reduction in engine wear, reduced vibration and in turn, fuel burn”. Of course, reduced emissions, particularly NOx, SOx and other harmful exhaust emissions notoriously associated with the shipping and cruising industries, is the ultimate goal as governments across the world, introduce more stringent controls. “Exhaust scrubbers, deployed by some shipping and Cruise Line companies have been used to reduce these emissions, but in most cases, simply divert the problem into the seawater, as opposed to reducing it at source”, says McKenzie. “We are confident that by adding BestLine products to both the engine and the fuel will provide the same, or in most cases, better results than the costly addition of scrubbers.”

On the coatings side, BestLine has been in close collaboration with a large, US-based company known and respected for its paint coatings, both marine and land-based. The two parties, despite Covid 19 restrictions, have been diligently sharing individual testing results and with travel restrictions loosening, will be able to work side-by-side in developing these formulations.

Says Mr. McKenzie, “Solving the problem of corrosion, both rust and that caused by galvanic or stray current, is a game changer. Literally hundreds of millions of dollars per year are lost worldwide, due to these concerns”.

Updates will be provided as the tests near completion.


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