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Ron Sloan Biography

Mr. Ron Sloan is the inventor of the BestLine technology and a co-inventor of an earlier line of specialty lubricants, cutting oils, greases etc. that have been successfully used in automotive, marine and industrial applications since the 1980s. Over the last 40 years, Mr. Sloan has worked and traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada and internationally as a lubrication consultant to heavy industry, automotive manufacturers, offshore drilling companies and foreign governments.

Mr. Sloan was credited with developing an Extreme Pressure Grease that was used on the North Sea drilling rigs to offset premature wear caused by vibration. The grease was extensively used by both Stat Oil and Mobil. Further Mr. Sloan spent over 20 years involved as a mechanical and lubrication consultant in various forms of racing including various NASCAR teams.

Today, under the guidance of Mr. Sloan, BestLine has been granted over 50 lubrication patents in the United States along with multiple patents granted with member countries involved with the Patent Co-operation Treaty. Today, Mr. Sloan resides in British Columbia, Canada and remains Chief Executive Officer of BestLine International Research Ltd. continuing to develop new formulations and is actively involved with providing lubrication and protection products to companies or governments worldwide.

Story of BestLine

BestLine International Research Inc. is a company founded by Ronald Sloan in 2005, based on his proprietary lubricant additive technology. BestLine’s primary products are engine and fuel treatments, for both gasoline and diesel engines, but they also include a powertrain lubricant and various penetrants and spray on protectants and household and industrial lubricants.




WARNING:  There are other companies out there selling lubricants and using BestLine in their name.  Unless the product comes from PerforMAX Products, Brahmanlube, or Brighttop, it is not ours.  BestLine is the only company that has patented products and has subjected their products to rigorous third-party testing.  Some of those other products, especially those that add zinc or zinc dithiophosphate (ZDDP) may actually be harmful to your engine.  Note that we are not affiliated with any other companies selling products with BestLine in their name and are not responsible for any damage that may be caused by the use of their products.