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President Biden's 15% Ethanol Mandate

by Abdelrahman El-Temtamy 13 Jun 2022




President Biden's 15% Ethanol Mandate


President Biden recently announced that his government will allow the use of E15 ethanol this summer.  This announcement was part of an effort to ease the effects of the shortages caused by many of his administration’s decisions concerning global warming abatement, as well as the tragic events in Ukraine resulting in sanctions against Russian oil imports.  While the approval is intended to relieve Americans of some of the increasing cost burdens associated with the spiralling growth in inflation, and the downturn in fuel supply, the expected savings will only amount to about 10 cents per gallon, regardless of your location. Hardly a significant savings for the average American householder.  However, the 10 cent per gallon savings will actually increase the cost of owning a vehicle for the average owner. The increase will be as a result of the additional ethanol, having a negative effect on miles per gallon, it will make the fuel corrosive, and in the end, cost far more than the initial savings of 10 cents per gallon. 

The other alarming concern is that, as outlined in the link below, a study, conducted in 2013 by the American Petroleum Institute (API), proved that higher rates of ethanol caused significant damage to the neoprene seals and hoses in the fuel lines and fuel pumps of engines; potentially leaving motorists stranded. Ethanol is hydroscopic and unlike gasoline; attracts moisture from the atmosphere. As the moisture content in the gas tank increases, there is a reaction called “phase separation” taking place in the tank. The ethanol combined with water reaches a level where it forms a corrosive mixture that attacks metal components within the engine. The damage can be severe, and the cost of repairs will be on the owner’s shoulders and in most cases, will not be covered by your warranty.  Ethanol is known to attack rubber, neoprene and even the resin within fibreglass causing fuel leaks in fibreglass fuel tanks. This should be of particular concern to boat owners, where fibreglass fuel tanks are most common.

We are NOT fear-mongers. These are scientifically tested and confirmed facts that governments and the corn grower lobby groups are well aware of but have thus far, kept silent about. BestLine or BrahmanLube’s patented, Synthetic Gas Conditioner will help neutralize any corrosion, provide lubrication to the fuel pump, valves and piston top, all while adding increased octane for a cleaner burn and improved performance.

While we cannot stop this ill-conceived legislation, as a consumer and vehicle owner, you can do something about this for your own safety and piece-of-mind. The addition of BestLine or BrahmanLube patented Synthetic Engine Treatment and patented Synthetic Gas Conditioner can give you a 10% (or more) improvement in fuel mileage, and up to 94% reduction in engine wear, all while delivering a substantial reduction in tailpipe emissions. These are third-party, tested and proven results, not simply paid testimonials. Your vehicle will run longer, perform better, and burn less fuel by using our products at the suggested application ratios.

We urge you to try BestLine or BrahmanLube for your vehicle. It’s simple, low-cost insurance for your vehicle, likely the second largest purchase in your lifetime. Protect your investment with BestLine/or BrahmanLube products.

For confirmation of many of the facts outlined above, please see:


Dean McKenzie, President

BestLine International Research Inc.

BrahmanLube Superior Lubricants Ltd.

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